S02E13 – “Triumphant Return… Again. [WOW]”

Welcome to Season 2 Episode 13 of the Epic Questions Podcast. The Podcast that always has something to say. The episode you are about to hear is called “Triumphant Return… Again. [WOW] and was recorded on December 8th, 2016.

On today’s episode Epicinsanity gives a quick run down of what’s been going on the last few months, and where things are going in the future. Then he recaps the most recent World of Warcraft #LegionQA that took place on December 7th with WatcherDev and Community Manager Lore!

Sit back relax and enjoy Season 2 Episode 13 of the Epic Questions podcast!

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Are you enjoying the show? The best way to let us know that you are is leaving a Review on iTunes or Stitcher. If you leave a review, screenshot it, and email the show at EpicQuestionsPodcast@gmail.com, and I will create an awesome audio bumper for you to use on your show, use as a ringtone, or use it to wake you up in the morning. Either way, it’s going to be Epic!

Overview by :

Ever listen to a podcast and wish they talked about what YOU wanted to hear about? Well now is your chance! Each and every week I’m going to sit down and do just that. With Season Two of the Epic Questions podcast, I take YOUR Blizzard Entertainment game questions and bring a different perspective to each and every one of them. Here at the Epic Questions Podcast, no question goes unanswered, and no listener goes unheard.

Asking Questions just got a little more Epic.

What’s Different With Season Two:

Season 2 of Epic Questions is going to be a little more discussion focused. Previously on the show, we answered every questions we received. As much as we love questions, it became hard answering the same questions we had just answered a few weeks prior, or just last week. So you control the show, and how often it is produced. A new Episode will be recorded as soon as we receive 5-10 solid questions to answer on the show. Questions will be reviewed by the hosts then hand selected for the next Episode.

Previously the show was only answered World of Warcraft based questions. But this time around, we are going to deep dive into the whole Blizzard Universe. But have no fear, the episodes will be split into two different categories: World of Warcraft Only, & Blizzard Entertainment. This will make it so you folks that only want to hear Warcraft discussion don’t have to skip through episodes to find the information you want to hear.

From time to time, the show will invite special guests to help with some or all questions on different topics, so if you have anyone you want to hear from, let us know!

Epic Answers:

This is the part of the show where I take questions submitted by members of the World of Warcraft Community and try to bring different perspectives to each and every one of them.

On today’s show, I will be quickly covering the latest World of Warcraft Legion Q&A that took place on December 7th, 2016. Once again WatcherDev and Josh Allen sat down to answer the pressing questions from the community. Below you will find a short hand recap of everything that was talked about during the Q&A and what was talked about on today’s show! 

Class Specific Questions:

Twitter, Forums, etc questions gets submitted. Avoid spec specific questions. (ie Survival Hunter). Try to cover broader topics. Ion is not a class designer. So he can speak better on system issues, etc. Classes are the hot topic, have to address some of them.

Question: Is the secondary stat going to not hurt mage, warrior, etc?

— Didn’t do a good job messaging this out. Reduce the amount of sec stat. Increase all items across the board. 47 to 45% crit. Not majorly affected. They don’t want to nerf players and none of these changes are aimed at that. They are happy with balance on live right now.

Question: Rebalancing and Jewelry changes encourage stat stacking?

— In Legion, they flattened out that rate that sec stats scale over the expac. They want to make sure classes are performing at the stat and not just the end. On other slots, the higher ilvl you get, you get more primary stats. Jewelry scaled less well than the other item slots. Stats matter more than ilvl. Trying to narrow the gap when it comes to higher ilvl items. TL;DR there is a lot of math, but things work out.

Goal is to tier up based on ilvl without worrying.

Question: What is being done to ensure tanks want ilvl upgrades since prim stats are lame?

— Prim stats give more stam and armor based on the changes based on the prim stat increase on gear. They buffed items across the board by 5% based on prim stats.

Question: What is the reason for the large mechanical changes coming to class?

— Don’t want to wait for expac to change this. They are fundamental reworks vs whole class reworks. When they rework the whole class, they are going to make mistakes. If things are good, they have to fix them instead of waiting until the end of the expac to fix these problems. Very drastic changes from WOD to Legion.

Question: Warlocks: Long term plans for warlocks? Specs not fun to play.

— Sometimes the numbers look great, but the class specs aren’t fun to play. There are couple of issues they are looking at. Affliction they get numbers/mechanic improvements. More challenges on Demo and because of that, a lot of fun was lost in in. Demo/Destro have large problems, they have to think thru the flow of the rotation.They have to go thru multiple cycles on the PTR builds. Point of 7.1.5 is to get content out (10 weeks) and not everything will make it into the PTR or into the next wave. They want to fix them in the expac, and not wait until later. With destro locks, they wanted to consolidate locks to one resource type, but something was lost in embers. They want to make it so that destro soul shards behave like embers use to. Spending as a whole. Reskin. Rotation flowed better that way. If old solution worked, going back to that instead of trying to rework the new one. For pure DPS classes, they want to offer different mechanical feels for the specs.

Question: Can havoc have a viable build instead of Fel Rush/VR?

— They made some tweaks, but don’t want to change the dynamic gameplay that players already like. But if it is getting you killed, it’s something they want to make sure they have viable builds going forward. They don’t want you to feel locked into one spec. When is it acceptable for a build to do slightly less dmg but you enjoy it more? You may see that other specs with other talents work well verse what the guides say. People focus on the high percentile but look at people who are similar or slightly better to see what they are doing.

Question: Emerald Dream Catcher Nerf: single target with this nerf? (Balance Druids)

— Still nerfing it, but going in a different direction altogether. Looking at when a legendaries make a spec. Trying to narrow the gap versus high and low end. If you feel like ur spec favors one item, there is a problem with that.  Tuning is a continual process.

Question: Why is there not a single piece with warrior T19 with haste/mastery?

— Rework on items in Nighthold, some now do. They focus on a balance of sec stats verses all the best stats. 6 items to make up the set now by adding sets, so you have more flexibility. Still only requires 2/4 to get the sets.

Question: Unholy Death Knights rely on RNG — Legendaries (bracers).

— It’s on their radar. A lot of it’s tied to the UN weapon usage. There is variability to create some variations in the rotation to make it not a straight mechanical rotation. Consider moving it to 4 stacks with 2 ghouls per versus one on 8

Question: Are their any place to lowering the RNG to Roll the Bones? (Outlaw Rogues).

— They aren’t going to lower the RNG around a spell that is based around rolling dice. If you don’t want the gameplay, you can opt out of it with slice n dice. May need a rework in order to make it powerful enough to give up Roll the Bones for. Making sure there are options.

Question: Why is Greater Blessing with Might a thing? (Ret Pallies).

— Failed design. Thought was to capture some of the highbred aspect of the class. But they missed that. They went down the road of trying to credit the power to the pally. But it ends up in a weird great place. Others don’t get credit for the classes doing dmg. They haven’t come up with a great replacement design. Want to come up with a better design. Something they are working on

Question: They rogue buffs/alternatives coming to surrender? Not in Patch 7.1.5

— Surrender is tough. Its iconic, flavorful. But it makes it tough to balance. One a 4 min fight its not really an option, but on a 10 min fight it may be worth it. Goal is robust alternatives, but they are not quite there.

Question: Any word on fixing storm, earth and fire? (WW Monk)

— Great conversation on the EU forms. They are looking at buffing the spell around the bugs until the bugs can be fixed.

Question: Can you remove rune of power? Huge burden. (Mage Talent).

— They understand the concern. Some of it is just tuning, if there were other options to make it work. (ie Mirror Images). It’s a look a the underlying design. They want to tune the row of talents to make it so there are other options.

Question: Any chance that Holy Paladins could get more AOE/HoTs?

— Nope. Signature of Holy Paladins is that single target heal. If you want HoTs, play a resto druid.

Question: Marksmen hunter are unhappy with the vulnerable mechanic and with the immobility of the aim shot mechanic?

— Aim Shot is suppose to be that precision shot spec. It’s not suppose to be as mobile as Beast Mastery. They are working towards balancing out the three specs to make them all viable.

Question: Do have any plans to stop players from hoarding AP until 7.1.5?

— Current plan is a system that doesn’t reward this. It may refund, or add to it, but it’s not beneficial to hoard it.

Question: Why haven’t you made Artifact Knowledge account wide?

— Research companion – 15 Artifact Knowledge purchased from main and given to alts. Catch up is great on alts, but there should be still some reason to play your alts. Not just leeching. Shy from complete automatic account wide items.

Question: Any plans to making more things account wide? Such as Rep.

— They could do more reputation items account bound. Some things are already account wide (World Quests). They want to preserve gameplay and progression. Alts should be characters that are played and not just a source of income.

Question: In 7.1, we have 3-5 minute loading screens… fix?

— It’s not affecting everyone. So it’s not an easy fix. They are still trying to figure this out and it’s a high priority. Attempts have been going into effect, but some things aren’t fixed.

Question: What is your philosophy around legendary usability?

— Maybe it’s ok for a legendary to not always be at its max potential. Some legendaries aren’t always great on every fight. There will be a mix match aspect to it based on the fight/situation. They learned the lesson of making universal throughput legendaries may have been a bad design. But they thought of something being subpar versus the BiS. Can’t just remove items now. But they want to offer even choice changes. They want you to be excited for what you got instead of being sad that you didn’t get the items you wanted.

Question: Any plans for catch up mechanics for legendaries for alts?

— As more legendaries are added to the mix, alts will start getting more since there will be more in the pool.


That’s all the time I have for questions this week, but have no fear, I’ll have more to go over in the next episode of the Epic Questions Podcast. Send all questions to the show via Twitter, e-mail, Facebook, Ask.FM and beyond! Thanks in advance!

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