S02E22 – “Forced Gameplay [WOW]”

Hey nerdz and welcome to Season 2 Episode 22 of the Epic Questions Podcast. Your Blizzard Entertainment Question and Answer Podcast. The episode you are about to hear is called “Forced Gameplay [WOW]” and was recorded on March 23rd, 2017.

On today’s episode Epicinsanity will be talking about why he continues to play World of Warcraft, obtaining the Nightbane mount inside Return to Karazhan, micro holidays and players being “forced” into different raid roles.

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Sit back relax and enjoy Season 2 Episode 22 of the Epic Questions podcast!

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Overview of the Show:

Ever listen to a podcast and wish they talked about what YOU wanted to hear about? Well now is your chance! Each and every week I’m going to sit down and do just that. With Season Two of the Epic Questions podcast, I take YOUR Blizzard Entertainment game questions and bring a different perspective to each and every one of them. Here at the Epic Questions Podcast, no question goes unanswered, and no listener goes unheard.

Asking Questions just got a little more Epic.

What’s Different With Season Two:

Season 2 of Epic Questions is going to be a little more discussion focused. Previously on the show, we answered every questions we received. As much as we love questions, it became hard answering the same questions we had just answered a few weeks prior, or just last week. So you control the show, and how often it is produced. A new Episode will be recorded as soon as we receive 5-10 solid questions to answer on the show. Questions will be reviewed by the hosts then hand selected for the next Episode.

Previously the show was only answered World of Warcraft based questions. But this time around, we are going to deep dive into the whole Blizzard Universe. But have no fear, the episodes will be split into two different categories: World of Warcraft Only, & Blizzard Entertainment. This will make it so you folks that only want to hear Warcraft discussion don’t have to skip through episodes to find the information you want to hear.

From time to time, the show will invite special guests to help with some or all questions on different topics, so if you have anyone you want to hear from, let us know!

Epic Answers: 

Welcome to the Epic Answers portion of the show! This is the part of the show where I take questions submitted by members of the World of Warcraft Community and try to give different perspectives to each and every one of them.

Twitter direct message from HanzoMain : I see you talking about it on Twitter, I hear you talking about it on FrozeNerdz. Yet, I never see anyone else trying for it, or attempting to do Nightbane runs in Kara. You make it sound easy, but clearly it’s not if people aren’t doing it. Most groups I find can’t even finish Kara. So what’s up with Nightbane?

Read the strat and watch the video here!

Site Contact from Krista  B.: Why do you play World of Warcraft?

Email from Sheri K.: So Blizzard added Micro Holidays to the game, but it doesn’t seem like people are actually caring about them. Hundreds of people tested the Dalaran City pub crawl on the PTR, but no one seemed to actually do the event in Un’goro. Is Blizzard wasting time on these events?

Email from Anonymous: Recently, my raid team was short on healers. And since I play a shadow priest, I was asked to “flip to holy” and keep us alive. But I haven’t really healed in WOW at all. And I don’t really like it. I’ll keep doing it for my raid team, but have you ever been “forced” into something that you didn’t fully enjoy?

End of Questions:

But that’s all the time I have for questions this week, but have no fear, I’ll have more to go over in the next episode of the Epic Questions Podcast. If you have questions for the show, you can send them into the show via Twitter, e-mail, Facebook, site contact, Ask.FM and beyond! And thank  you so much in advance!


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