S02E32 – Safety First [BlizzCon]

Hey nerdz and welcome to Season 2 Episode 32 of the Epic Questions Podcast. Your Blizzard Entertainment Question and Answer Podcast. The episode you are about to hear is called “Safety First [BlizzCon]” and was recorded on October 6th 2017.

On today’s episode Epicinsanity throws out the script all together, says forget answering questions, and talks about being safe as your travel to BlizzCon and how you can be safe in any situation you may encounter.

And if you hold out until the very end of the show, you can find out new ways you can support the show!

Sit back relax and enjoy Season 2 Episode 32 of the Epic Questions podcast!

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Overview of the Show:

Ever listen to a podcast and wish they talked about what YOU wanted to hear about? Well now is your chance! Each and every week I’m going to sit down and do just that. With Season Two of the Epic Questions podcast, I take YOUR Blizzard Entertainment game questions and bring a different perspective to each and every one of them. Here at the Epic Questions Podcast, no question goes unanswered, and no listener goes unheard.

Asking Questions just got a little more Epic.

What’s Different With Season Two:

Season 2 of Epic Questions is going to be a little more discussion focused. Previously on the show, we answered every questions we received. As much as we love questions, it became hard answering the same questions we had just answered a few weeks prior, or just last week. So you control the show, and how often it is produced. A new Episode will be recorded as soon as we receive 5-10 solid questions to answer on the show. Questions will be reviewed by the hosts then hand selected for the next Episode.

Previously the show was only answered World of Warcraft based questions. But this time around, we are going to deep dive into the whole Blizzard Universe. But have no fear, the episodes will be split into two different categories: World of Warcraft Only, & Blizzard Entertainment. This will make it so you folks that only want to hear Warcraft discussion don’t have to skip through episodes to find the information you want to hear.

From time to time, the show will invite special guests to help with some or all questions on different topics, so if you have anyone you want to hear from, let us know!

Epic Answers:

Welcome to the Epic Answers portion of the show! This is the part of the show where I take questions submitted by members of the Blizzard Entertainment Community and try to give different perspectives to each and every one of them.

So back on Season 2 Episode 28 called “Being a Safe Content Creator” I talked about how to keep yourself safe while creating content on the internet. I talked about swatting, protecting your personal information, and talked about keeping yourself safe in public as you went to conventions or meet ups.

Here is the TL;DR Version of the Show:

What to Pack and Not Pack:
Before you head to the airport, you should take the time to get familiar with common security rules such as what kinds of identification you may need, and basic baggage rules such as what valuable or critical personal items should always be in your carry-on bag and not in your checked luggage.

Going through airport security without any extra delays will be a lot easier if you avoid taking banned or restricted items through the security checkpoint. While the following descriptions of banned or restricted items are based on TSA rules and guidelines, most countries have similar restrictions.

You can find more about that here.

Don’t put these items in checked luggage

There are many other kinds of items that you should only have in your carry-on bag, or on your person, especially if it is hard to replace, very expensive, or necessary for your health and well being. Examples include:

  • Money related items
  • Computers and personal electronic devices
  • Passports and other identification
  • Jewelry, expensive watches, precious metals, and valuables
  • Medications and medical devices.
  • Difficult to replace items like keys; eyeglasses; mail, documents, and devices with electronic data.

Flying with cash

There are one thing you should consider when flying with cash… the loss of your cash. There are some basic things that you can do minimize that:

  • Never put cash or financial instruments in a checked bag.
  • Keep your cash out of sight as much as possible
  • When passing through security, keep your eyes on the bag with the cash.



Airport Safety Tips

1.) Get Past Security Quickly: Don’t hang around in publicly accessible areas.
2.) Choose Your Travel Time Wisely. Typical busy times are Fridays from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.
3.) Travel Light. If you don’t need it, don’t pack it.
4.) Limit Your Time in the Security Line. Join the TSA Pre-Check to get through faster.
5.) Know What to Do in an Emergency. Know where the exits are, and don’t run!
Make sure wherever you travel internationally that you have the address and phone number of the American embassy or consulate.
7.) Share your itinerary, including hotel contact information with a friend or relative back home so they know where you are over the course of your trip.

Once On the Ground – Travel Smart: 

  • Identification: Be careful leaving valuables, purses and especially IDs in hotel rooms. At a minimum, make a copy of your driver’s license so if it were lost officials could use the information to check databases.
  • Passports: Do not carry your passport with you once you arrive at the convention destination. Make a copy of the passport if you so desire and carry it with you but leave your passport at the hotel. If the room you are staying in has a safe, lock it in the safe. If it doesn’t, consider leaving it in the hotel safe. Most important, do NOT carry it with you. If it is stolen or you lose it, obtaining a new one in order to get home can be difficult, frustrating, and time-consuming and could even delay your return home.
  • Cash: Do not carry all of your cash with you. Always leave enough cash in your hotel room safe or in the hotel safe to get you through the convention should you lose your money or be robbed. Otherwise, you could easily end up at the convention with no money at all and have difficulty getting home. Avoid displaying large amounts of cash or other tempting items.
  • Try Not to Carry A Purse: But if you must, carry it securely under your arm. Never wrap the purse strap around your arm or enter a tug-of-war with a thief trying to grab your purse. You could be seriously injured.

Hotel Safety: 

  • Escape Routes: Whether in the meeting room or guest room, notice the nearest exits in case of an emergency. Remember an emergency could occur at the most inopportune time and in the dark. Consider leaving your shoes and clothing next to the bed if you need to run out the door. Keep the room key accessible.
  • Hotel Door: Use all auxiliary locking devices on doors and windows. Use the door viewer to identify anyone requesting entry. Don’t let anybody in the room without knowing they are expected and wearing a uniform or badge. If in doubt, call the front desk. In a fire emergency, be sure to check the door for heat and smoke before exiting.

Convention Smarts (aka Street Smarts): 

  • Scan the Environment: Look for well-lit streets and areas you feel safe. Select routes that are the shortest between your destination and hotel or conference center but avoid deserted areas. Be observant.
  • Walk With Confidence: Communicate the message that you are calm, confident, know where you are going, and know what is going on around you. Don’t walk around holding a map, or looking at your phone.
  • Remove Convention IDs: Remove your name badge and ribbons. Similarly, leave the convention bags back in the room. These are signs you are from out of town and might be an easy target.
  • Buddy System: Safety in numbers. Periodically check on each other and agree on departure times.
  • Travel in Groups: Male or female, big or small, always travel with someone else when you are checking out the sights around the convention center or when you are in California.
  • Just Say, “No!”: If you feel compelled to give, donate to charitable organizations. Avoid street solicitors. And just keep walking, if you see a large group of people ahead of you that you know are there for the convention, walk towards that group.

Drink Smarts:

  • Get your drinks yourself. Or be present when it is poured. Go WITH the person buying you a drink.
  • Stick to sealed stuff. Or ask for the beer to be poured into a clear glass.
  • Never leave a drink alone. If you do, don’t drink it upon your return.
  • Only accept drinks from trusted people. If you wouldn’t trust them with your life, don’t take the risk.
  • Avoid sharing. Someone might offer you some of their drink, but to be extra safe politely decline – you want to avoid mixing drinks as well as ensuring your drink doesn’t get spiked.
  • Look for signs of tampering This could be something as simple as your drink being moved, less/more liquid in your glass, having less/more straws than you remember, a change of color or odd bubbling/fizzing. Go get yourself another drink if you are suspicious.
  • Stop drinking if it tastes funny! Even if it’s only slightly unusual, go pour yourself another drink. You can’t be too safe. If you are feeling confused, disorientated or dizzy after having relatively little to drink …. tell somebody, either a close friend, a relative, a medical professional or the police.

How do I know if my drink has been spiked?

Most date rape drugs take effect within 15-30 minutes and symptoms usually last for several hours. However, if you pass out it will be hard to know the full effect. You may still feel some of the symptoms of a date rape drug after a night’s sleep.

Although your symptoms will depend on which substance has been used, they usually include some of the following:

  • lowered inhibitions
  • difficulty concentrating or speaking
  • loss of balance and finding it hard to move
  • visual problems, particularly blurred vision
  • memory loss (amnesia) or “blackouts”
  • feeling confused or disorientated, particularly after waking up (if you’ve been asleep)
  • paranoia (a feeling of fear or distrust of others)
  • hallucinations (seeing, hearing or touching things that aren’t there) or having an “out of body” experience
  • nausea and vomiting
  • unconsciousness


End of Questions:

But that’s all the time I have for questions this week, but have no fear, I’ll have more to go over in the next episode of the Epic Questions Podcast. If you have questions for the show, you can send them into the show via Twitter, e-mail, Facebook, site contact, Ask.FM and beyond! And thank  you so much in advance!


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