Support the Show

Over the years of podcasting, we have been asked MANY times on how people can directly support the show.

The BEST way to support to the show is subscribing on iTunes/Stitcher, leaving reviews, hitting that retweet button on Twitter, or just listening to the insanity each and every week! But some times people want to support the show in more ways…

So for those special people who want to go above the call of their nerd duties and want to support the show directly here are few ways you can do that.

First, we have Amazon affiliate links! The best part is that it doesn’t cost you anything, but the show directly benefits from your purchases on Amazon. From buying one purchase a year, or every week you can directly support the show by using our links. So use our link, add something to your cart, and make the purchase and we will receive a few bucks from Amazon directly! Click here to use our link! (Don’t forget to bookmark it!). It’s so easy even Epic can do it!

Second, we have a merch store! From men’s/women’s tshirts, hoodies, beer mugs to coffee cups, you can stay inside your house and support the Frozen Nerdz & Epic Questions! Or you can let your Nerd Flag fly at your next gaming meet up! The store is updated regularly and if you want something made, let us know because Epic is great with crayons! Check out the selection here!

And lastly, you can support the show directly on Patreon! To find out more about our Patreon, you can check out it out here! And if you want to check out our FAQ, and breakdown of goals and pledge tiers, you can check it out here!